Spare Parts Management

the problem of excess

With Telmar as your telecom spare parts management partner, you can:
  • Lower capital investment by reducing the number of spares required to support the network including legacy spares support.
  • Have visibility to your spares through our online customer portal and control of your spares across your network ensuring the quantity and current revision levels are available as needed.
  • Lower shipping costs by maintaining an inventory on hand.
  • Simplify the audit process after accounting for spares at your different locations.
  • Lower spare parts management costs by purging obsolete stock for scrap or recycle.
  • Improve usage as a result of our screening and testing spares before delivery.
  • Identify excess spares to be used for new deployment versus buying new equipment from the OEM.
  • Reduce lost or stolen assets.
  • Offset repair cost and purchasing transactions.
  • Sell off surplus telecom assets no longer required.
  • Improve telecom asset remarketing and telecom asset recovery.
  • Upgrade, modify or replace with spares when there are network requirements.
Telmar’s Spare Parts Management program can provide immediate reductions in inventory carrying costs, and full inventory visibility, plus reduce your total cost of ownership through CAPEX and OPEX without reducing network reliability or performance. We offer strategically located depots around the world for rapid delivery of your spare parts.
When storage practices are not optimal, spares reliability may not be at its best. Not only can that lead to spare revision levels being out-of-sync with the network, but there may be too many spares in one location while the inventory of spares is low at another location.