Traverse Edge

Traverse Edge® Family of Multiservice Multiplexers

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TraverseEdge® Family Overview
The TraverseEdge multiservice edge multiplexers combine flexible Ethernet, TDM, and SONET/SDH in a compact and affordable family of products. The TraverseEdge platforms are ideally deployed in metro access settings that require multiservice transport over fiber including outside plant cabinets, multi-tenant units (MTUs), cell sites, and on the customer premises. The product family consists of the TraverseEdge 206 (TE-206), the TraverseEdge 100 (TE-100), the TraverseEdge 50 (TE-50) and the TraverseEdge 2020 (TE-2020).

Key Features

  • Provides a selection of compact platforms that combine flexible Ethernet, TDM, and SONET (or SONET/SDH) access and transport
  • Offers options which provide global flexibility – able to operate in ANSI or ETSI/ITU-T network environments
  • Delivers carrier-class designs with a full suite of protection features
  • Supports linear, ring, and point-to-point transport topologies
  • Integrates Digital Cross-connect Switching functionality (DCS/DXC)
  • Provides Efficient Ethernet transport using GFP, VCAT and other techniques

TraverseEdge® Product Matrix

Product Family

TraverseEdge 2020 TraverseEdge 206
TraverseEdge 100 TraverseEdge 50


TransNav Management

TransNav™ Management System is a client/server-based advanced element and network manager that provides Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security (FCAPS) management functions and supports end-to-end provisioning of both high-order and low-order services. Designed to comprehensively manage the Traverse® and TraverseEdge® multiservice transport platforms and the networks within which they operate, the TransNav system integrates smoothly into service providers’ operations support system (OSS) infrastructure.

TransNav Xpert Element Management System

TransNav Xpert Element Management System (EMS) provides full, centralized control over the TraverseEdge™ 2020 and 206 platforms. It takes full advantage of the unique, built-in management capabilities of these products and contains network, isolated sub-network management, full alarm collection and correlation with group displays.

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TransNav Management System
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