Broadmore Platform

Securely Provision Circuits at the Optical Edge

The Broadmore® product family provides TDM-to-ATM and TDM-to-IP/MPLS circuit conversion for cost-efficient transport of traditional services across ATM and MPLS networks. Designed to meet the specific needs of government customers, the Broadmore offers network reliability and service availability while simplifying operations and management under strict security requirements. Tested with various encryptors, many Broadmore interfaces include crypto-resync capabilities to minimize lost data. With multiple timing recovery algorithms supported, the Broadmore ensures mission critical data reaches the end users in order and on time.

By offering a uniquely economical means of provisioning, grooming and routing DS3, DS1, E3, E1 and high-speed serial data circuits using logical ATM and MPLS psuedowire connections, the cost and complexities of equipping and managing SONET and Digital Cross-Connect (DCS) circuits are replaced by the speed, capacity and cost improvements of ATM and MPLS circuit provisioning. Its variety of service and network interfaces, including a High-speed Serial Interface (HSSI) and interfaces offering variable serial speeds up to 274 Mbps, enables the Broadmore to provide serial transport of voice and data over SATCOM links, microwave, and other fixed wireless deployments where DS1, DS3, OC-3c, or OC-12c network interfaces are not an option.

Looking for a replacement for the Timeplex Cell Exchange, Link2 and Synchrony series of cell muxes?

The Broadmore is the only cell mux that transports serial data (RS-530/RS-422) over ATM and IP/MPLS networks and supports SNMPv3, SSH-2 and carries the FIPS-140-2 and Common Criteria certifications meeting DoD Directives 8500.1 & 8500.2!

Product Family

Broadmore 500 Broadmore 1700

Broadmore 500 and 1700