Axxius 800

Axxius® 800 Access Integration Platform

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Axxius Overview
The Axxius 800 defines new levels of functionality, cost-effectiveness and performance for cell site access devices. By integrating multiple access and bandwidth grooming functions into one modular platform, the Axxius eliminates the bandwidth underutilization and costly inefficiencies that typically occur between high-speed carrier edge and core networks, wireless radios, and periphery cell site equipment.  The carrier-class Axxius 800 solves the scalability, space, and power problems associated with delivering voice and data services in wireless service networks.

Key Features

  • Integrated design supports 3/1/0 cross-connecting/grooming, access multiplexing, and Ethernet switching/routing
  • Modular, compact (2RU) chassis supports full redundancy for power, controller cards and T1/E1 protection
  • Supports high-density DS1/E1 and Ethernet connectivity
  • Designed to enable a highly efficient and cost-effective access network
  • Provides a temperature-hardened design
  • Supports advanced Abis optimization to aggregate and optimize cell site backhaul over T1/E1 networks
  • Manageable network element under OMC Companion™

Key Applications

  • Optimized GSM BSS and UMTS backhaul over a truly dynamic T1/E1 infrastructure
  • Multi-generation service convergence (2G, 2.5G, 3G) and cell site management traffic consolidation to lower transport costs

Product Family

Axxius 800

Axxius 800 Datasheet