MASTERseries™ Wireless Backhaul Bandwidth Optimization Platform

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MASTERseries™ Overview
The MASTERseries platform is designed for aggregating and optimizing backhaul of cell site traffic over any TDM-, ATM-, Ethernet-, and/or IP-based transport network. Purpose-built for deployments in wireless operators’ cell sites and small hub sites, the highly flexible platform integrates multiple functions in one compact shelf. In addition to advanced ATM inter-working, pseudowire, and layer 2 Ethernet switching capabilities, the MASTERseries provides optional functionality, such as Abis transport optimization and DS0 grooming/DCS, that maximizes bandwidth efficiency and minimizes network operating costs.  The MASTERseries is a proven platform that has been installed in tens of thousands of cell sites by multiple top-tier wireless operators.

Key Features

  • Highly flexible, cost-effective platform that enables a graceful migration from legacy 2G/3G to IP-based 4G services
  • Integrates multiple bandwidth management and aggregation capabilities that optimize bandwidth utilization – reducing both CapEx and OpEx
  • Provides an adaptable backhaul networking solution to meet the challenging needs of networks in transition
  • Supports optional DSU/CSU and 1/0 DCS functionality for maximum flexibility
  • Available in two-slot, 1RU-high, and eight-slot, 3RU-high chassis form-factors which use common hardware and software

Key Applications

  • Aggregating and optimizing 2G, 2.5G and 3G GSM cell site backhaul
  • Migration from TDM and ATM to IP and pseudowire/ Ethernet based transport



Product Family

MASTERseries 8-Slot Chassis MASTERseries 2-Slot Chassis


MASTERseries Datasheet
MASTERseries FlexMaster Module Datasheet